4 Steps to Building your Brand

Most, if not all, content marketers are working to strengthen or solidify a brand’s presence in a set industry or space. I have read many articles and blogs, watched videos and the basic tenets of content marketing/brand building can be narrowed down to the following four steps.

1. Create solid content. Think of yourself as Mr. or Mrs. Solutions. What issues do people in your niche area have? Anticipate their questions and write to help them. When they leave your post, you want them to feel satisfied that you’ve answered their questions, especially the ones they didn’t know they had.

2. Headlines are key. Make them punchy. Craft your headline to plainly (and briefly) state what your readers will learn. But the headline isn’t everything. It is one thing to get them there, but an entirely different animal to make them come back for more.

3. Share it. The advent of social media allows the layman opportunity to reach a global audience. If you take advantage of the available free or low-cost tools, you can expand your network. Focus on sharing content that is relevant to your readers and they will share your content with their own networks.

If tweeting, use the power of the #hashtag. Hashtags will put your tweets before new eyes as topics are grouped and categorized by those hashtags.

Posts should be topic appropriate, brief, insightful and relevant. Adhere to those principles while adding value to your reader’s experience and your content will be shared.

4. Engage. Interact with others who share your content. Thank them for comments to posts and any tweets or retweets. Check out their online profiles, can you return the favor?

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