“If you build it, he will come.” That Goes for Content Too, Right??

If You Build It...

But is it true of content generation?

We all hear it: “Content is king.” That is, great content will boost your brand. Thanks to Jeff Bullas I know the secret to success. I’ll just write and they will read it; kind of like, “if you build it, he will come,” from Phil Alden Robinson’s Field of Dreams, right? Or in this case, if you write it he will read.

Perfect, now that we have that worked out, all I need to do is create that “great” content I keep hearing about.

How do I create content from a fresh perspective that people want to read and is, preferably, “evergreen”?

Here are key guiding principles to help you create content that gets read:
Specialize.* Trying to be everywhere, while novel, only truly works for a select few and over time. Know the area(s) of your niche where you can add the most value for your readers. Focus your efforts in that space. Distinguish yourself as a subject-matter expert (SME). In time, if you still insist on being the SME that knows everything, you can be; but take time with it.
Passion. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Live the life you love, love the life you live. I am sure you know more of these cliches. Whichever mantra you prefer, the idea is the same, be excited. If you are excited about your niche, then you will convey that passion in your writing. You will be known for being that go-to person to provide a unique spin on the subject.
Authentic. Be yourself. Bring your perspective to your content. But I caution you — try too hard to be interesting and you may come off as disingenuous. People can sense when you are putting on airs, or trying to sound knowledgeable. Don’t be a victim of your own bravado, authenticity goes a long way toward winning fans (of you and your work).
Value. Respect your readers’ time. Don’t make them read your post or article, if it is just a regurgitation of accepted ideas. Find a new angle. Be relevant to their needs; answer the questions they don’t even know they have. Add value to their experience: be informative, interesting and insightful in your words and technique. Make it enjoyable, tell them a joke. Give them a reason to want to read your writing and listen to what you say.

*This is the principle that may be more appropriate for newbie content generators, trying to establish their brand in a primary area of experience.

What do you think?

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