10 Dos & Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent way to let your readers know what you’re doing. Are you hosting an event that will help them further their business goals? Are you entering into a new partnership that will give them access to more functionality? Your email marketing campaign is your way to provide them a snippet of information that will bring them to your door wanting more.

Use email marketing to generate leads and convert those leads into sales. Here are 10 dos and 10 don’ts of email marketing. These lists are not meant to be exhaustive, but they do capture much of what one looking to engage in an email marketing campaign should consider.


1. DO Use your site/blog to get new subscribers. Send a confirmation to verify their email address and allow them to doubly opt-in.
2. DO Follow-up with NEW subscribers sending relevant content soon after they subscribe.
3. DO Ask your subscribers what types of information they need most.
4. DO Send your SUBSCRIBERS fresh content specific to their needs.
5. DO Use an email marketing service to deal with your distribution and contact data reconciliation. Maintain your email lists; clean them up frequently.
6. DO Ask subscribers to add your email address to their ESP’s “safe senders” list or address book.
7. DO Brand your emails with your logo and tagline so your readers know and remember who you are and what you provide.
8. DO Personalize your emails to make your readers feel that you are considering their individual needs, not filling their inboxes with spam.
9. DO Present clear, well-formatted material to your subscribers.
10. DO TRACK the Click-Through-Rate of your links to see what most interests your subscribers, and send them more of it.


1. DON’T ask prospective subscribers for personal information, i.e., address, telephone number, etc. Requests for personal information tends to send red flags to prospective opt-ins. Too many red flags will lead to many blank forms.
2. DON’T Continue to send emails to those who unsubscribe from your list. They’ve unsubscribed for a reason. Leave them alone and find other people who want to receive your emails.
3. DON’T Purchase email addresses from third-party vendors, emailing readers without their consent is SPAM.
4. DON’T Allow your topic to get lost in the subject line. Remember you are trying to grab their attention and make them want to click on your links.
5. DON’T Forget to pay attention to your click-through-rates. Sending lots of emails is only beneficial if people want to read it and it leads to a DESIRED action.
6. DON’T Include click here with links to more information. Avoid being blocked by spam filters, instead try Check out more information from the Techy Marketer here.
7. DON’T Forget about SEO. Use canonical links in your email to take advantage of your optimized content.
8. DON’T Forget to give your readers the chance to opt-out in each email.
9. DON’T Forget to include a timely Call-to-Action. Prompt your readers to attend your free webinar or learn more about your services.
10. DON’T Forget to clean up your email lists regularly, deleting all non working email addresses.

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