B2B Marketers: Score Big with QR Codes

2012 (QR Code) by Alexander Khokhlov (Alhimeg) on 500px.com
2012 (QR Code) by Alexander Khokhlov

In today’s world, we need instant gratification. Even ten seconds is too long to wait for a webpage or email to load. QR codes are great for providing instant information to your customer base through an interactive experience.

Picture this: You’re at an event and something bright and shiny catches your eye. You say, “Oohhh!! What’s that about? I want to know more about that!” Then you see a very cool Rorschach-like ink blot that, with the help of your trusty smartphone and that nifty bar code app, you can learn more. Now, give yourself permission to mentally pump your fist — after all, you were smart enough to join the 46% of U.S. adults and buy that now indispensable gadget — as you scan that code.

But what happens next? Was it worth it? Well in a B2B world, it’s probably more boring drivel about the capabilities of a Taylor-inspired corporate monster. But in a B2C world, it’s likely a coupon, a funny ad or some montage of action-packed footage from the network’s favored shows. So if we’re keeping score, B2B: 1, B2C: 2. Both earned a point for grabbing your attention, but B2C wins the round for not wasting your time by sending you to a random webpage on their site.

So what kind of unique content can B2B marketers highlight through their QR Codes? Well before I give you my answer, let’s discuss the goal of marketing via QR Code. The goal, as with all marketing, is to generate sales leads. But how? Provide context and content to paint a mosaic of your business for your client (prospective, new or existing)

CONTEXT: Tell your organization’s Story.

Piggyback by Paul Raymaker (Raymaker) on 500px.com
Piggyback by Paul Raymaker

CONTENT: Produce Sticky Content.

Ideally, the content and context work together, piggybacking one another to relate an incredibly compelling moment, inspiring prospective clients to seek out your organization (and current clients to stay). Make the content “sticky” by regularly adding new features/stories that will reinforce the idea that your organization is the best fit for the client.

Once they view your content, they should say, “Now, this seems like an organization that I want to do business with. They are multidimensional and are interested in society, not just their balance sheet.”

But what kind of content invokes those kinds of feelings? Here are some examples:

1. Footage of your leaders participating in community service work; or your organization sponsoring a team in a walk-a-thon to benefit those in need.

2. Information on the kinds of organizations that you sponsor or provide with community or pro bono services.

3. A montage of employees participating in community-based organizations in their off-time.

Do you see a theme emerging? Here’s the formula:

  • Highlight a side of your organization that is not readily apparent from your website.
  • Let clients get to know the people who keep the machine running.
  • Show clients that they already like the values you represent now. They will remember later and want to work with you.
  • Produce content that encourages both repeat and first-time visitors.

B2B Marketers let’s tie up the score with our B2C cohorts and tell your organization’s unique story in an interesting way.

What do you think?

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