I’m back!! Becoming a Social Cow

I took an 18-month hiatus from my digital self, @techymarketer. In that time, I maintained my The Keelsday job and kept up with the digital trends, but I took time away from my digital brand to enjoy life  with my family. Finding that balance between consistently creating blog posts, tweets, and status updates and living a life for the people who need me daily has been tricky.

In my next act, I hope to be better here. My digital me is as important as my flesh and blood me.

So what’s been happening since I left? Well not much has changed:

1. Google still runs the world. No responsive or mobile optimized site yet? Think you will cease to exist after April 21? Make sure you enjoy 4-20. (Just kidding, unless it’s legal where you live.) Can’t you just see the Second Life cemetery running out of plots? Have no fear. Google published a hour-long Q&A video on what the lack of a mobile optimized site really means for you. They even have an assessment tool to help you figure out how your site will fare on D-Day. Do what you can to prepare, though it’s not really dooms day, this is a sure sign of things to come.

2. SEO is still a thing. SERPs and where you fall among them is still very much key to being seen. However, keyword stuffing will not produce the engagement you need to be a part of the scene. Search engines are helping to make sure great writing will out. Say goodbye to redundant, superfluous wording and hello to clear, concise prose. As John Freisinger says, Be brief, be brilliant, be gone.

3. Social media is still the thing. LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe says you must build your social Social Cowequity by sharing others’ content. Social media created an economy where shares is the currency (social capital) used to gain friends. If you share and highlight insightful work of others, the hope is they will do the same. Become a social cow: consume others’ content, regurgitate it all over your networks, and then eat it again. The hope is that others will remember you when you have insightful remarks and return the favor.

In the immortal words of Dumbledore, “Tuck in!”

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