Top 3 Reasons B2Bs Need Social Media

Courtesy of SmashBrand

Courtesy of SmashBrand

I recently went to dinner with my husband, and he asked me about social media and its role in a B2B world. I took a beat and thought about his question, so I could give him a clear answer that did not contain too much jargon.  I came up with: Social Media is a necessary tool for branding through storytelling. thought leadership. and engagement.

1. Storytelling. Define yourself. Share your successes, profiles of key members of your organization, and stories of a commitment to community service. Best social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube.

2. Thought Leadership. Show your smarts. Share your knowledge in a sector to display your ability to lead and influence the conversation. This is an opportunity to garner media attention and industry insiders/influencers. Best social platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare.

3. Engagement. Talk to your followers. If people are talking about you in a positive light, Favorite it to let them know you are appreciative. Share what they are saying about your organization and its top professionals. Best social platforms: All, be where your followers are.

These three facets of the social media experience are what your followers and prospective followers will use to learn whether your visuals match your audio. Using social media to display that people power your organization not machines can go along way toward building a business with whom others want to work.

What do you think?

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