Webinar Report: Is Your Social Media Adding Value?

This week I attended a webinar, How Law Firms Benefit From Social offered by Hootsuite, The guest speakers were Kevin O’Keefe of Lexblog and Nancy Myrland of Myrland Marketing & Social Media. Hootsuite promoted #HootLegal as the place for attendees to share their thoughts, check out the tweets.

As far as I can tell the webinar was well attended and fairly informative, especially if you are looking to launch social media in a professional service or B2B environment and have no clue where to start, what to share and why, what’s your voice, etc. Having been at this since 2009, I didn’t hear anything that I hadn’t heard before, but the idea of adding value resonated with me, as key to the entire social media experience.

For the marketer, social media is a place for storytelling, with each story unveiling a little more of your character, your core values: cleverness, altruism, intelligence, inclusiveness. Is your activity on social media doing that for you? You defined your strategy before entering social media’s nebulous arena, but is your strategy clear in your posts? Are visitors learning who you are and what you stand for?

Courtesy of Mimi and Eunice comic strip by Nina Paley.

The tricky thing about social media is that it is a place where you have to share the stage. If you are on social media and never share others’ content or give credit, it will come off as yet another soapbox for you to tell everyone how great you are. If that is what you are aiming for and you have achieved it then, kudos! However, people are looking for social media accounts to add value to their lives. They follow you because they want you to teach them something (not about you). Don’t get me wrong, you share what you know, but visitors should not feel inundated with press releases about your latest acquisition or new hire. In between those posts, share thought-provoking pieces (written by you or not) whereby readers can apply what they’ve read to their current situation and make a change or start to think about potential changes. That is adding value: improving a situation.

While visitors are looking to learn about your core beliefs, in the back of their minds, they are saying: congratulations, but what have you done for me lately? If your answer is: well, did you see my latest press release, they will likely stop coming to visit.

Share and share alike: enrich your visitors’ experience and they will share how special they think you are with their friends: the true goal of social media.

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