My first #MakingFriendsMonday: A Social Media Marketing Report

I hope you all had a great day. I have spent a lot of time considering how to grow my brand. I am in an interesting place, first because though I do this for a living, @techymarketer is not my day job. I am not selling a service, but merely sharing other’s content and discussing my experience with social media marketing and marketing technology via The Techy Marketer’s Blog. So what is my value proposition for those I engage with on social media? Authenticity: I am nothing if not honest about who I am and my capabilities.

I have been around for almost a decade-and-a-half, a professional member of the communications industry. I saw the birth of “content marketing” as the next wave of marketing and I have an inkling about what’s coming. Being a lifelong learner, I embark on this journey via social media and The Techy Marketer’s Blog as a way to keep current.

Courtesy of Delphis Creative on Pinterest.

In my journey to “walk the talk” as a social media marketer with my @techymarketer brand, I decided to start my week really focusing on engagement on Mondays, using #MakingFriendsMonday. Each Monday I will report on my progress with growing the hashtag’s influence and my @techymarketer brand.

Marketing Strategy for Growing #MakingFriendsMonday:

1. Announce my new initiative, see today’s tweet:

2. Engage

  • Add #MakingFriendsMonday to every tweet
  • Respond to new followers with a thank you
  • Review new followers’ tweets and retweet or favorite a few tweets
  • Follow back

3. Track the progress of the day.
4. Report on efforts

Today’s results: I was fairly productive—I picked up 19 followers,  six tweeps added me to lists for social media and content marketing, 14 people favorited my tweets, and I gained two reweets. However, funnily enough, not one person retweeted my tweet, where I asked for it. We’ll see how next week goes. Stay tuned!

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