Live Tweeting an Event? 5 Ways to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Attending a webinar? Live tweet it. Attending an event? Live tweet it. I am not one to tweet every moment of my life, but when I attend a professional webinar or event, I try to share my learnings with my followers-at-large. I have found live tweeting events are a great way to engage with new tweeps and add to your list of followers. Here are five ways I have tested on many occasions that have enabled me make the most of these sessions.

hashtag search screen1. Use the hashtag. Before the event begins, search for the hashtag on your device. You will notice at the bottom of the screen appears: Tweet #___________. This enables you to quickly send out a tweet without retyping the hashtag each time.

2. Know the speaker’s Twitter handle. If speaker or key participant Twitter handles are given out beforehand, make note of them and be sure to include them with relevant tweets. This will allow those key participants, speakers to retweet and favorite your posts, broadening the potential reach of each tweet.

3. Take your time. Events are typically fast paced with a lot happening simultaneously. The trick to tweeting insightful commentary is to stop and think, and then type. However, you can’t stop for too long as you may miss out on other key messaging to share. Carefully craft your message, spell check tweets before sending. This skill may take time to perfect, so be kind to yourself. Maybe you are only able to send 5-10 tweets on your first go round, but after a few sessions, you’ll be up to 30 or more tweets for the duration.

4. Retweet and favorite the posts of others. The beauty of these virtual sessions, happening in the backdrop of the main event, is that conversations are happening in real-time, on-demand engagement. As you follow the feed, you can see other participants who are like-minded and either share their posts via retweeting or show them the tweet resonated with you by favoriting.

5. Follow strategically. As you are among people who share your interest and ideals, this is the time to gain new followers by making insightful commentary; as well as, start to follow others you may want to learn more about.

Live tweeting is a great way to engage with more people and join those key conversations that allow you to show your knowledge. When you next take part in one, jump right in and make your fingers heard.

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