#MakingFriendsMonday: A Lesson in Social Media Engagement

Courtesy of Frank Kilgour

I am three weeks into my #MakingFriendsMonday initiative. This week I was less productive on Monday, busy with my day job and life, generally. However, I have taken my one-day initiative and made it a way of life throughout the entire week, which I think is actually more powerful than only one day focused on interaction. I have had great interactions with my tweeps, even taking it off Twitter to grow my LinkedIn network.

So what are my stats now? Impressions versus engagements: my impressions increased by over 4,000 units from the last Monday (4/20) to  this past Monday (4/27), but my engagements went down by just over 1%. Not what you want to hear, but I think I know why, so I can correct it.

When I started #MakingFriendsMonday my strategy was to include the hashtag each time I sent a tweet, or in my “thank you” to those who followed, favorited, or interacted with me.  I still do that, however,  this was my least active #MakingFriendsMonday to date. In earlier weeks, I sent upwards of 64 tweets between Sunday and Monday, this past Sunday/Monday I only sent 19 total (three on Monday)—not a lot for my fellow tweeps to look at and engage.

What I’ve learned? In terms of engagement, I will get out what I put into it. Impressions will likely to continue to increase from the sheer increase in followers. But if I want engagement, the goal for all of us, I will have to work harder to get my tweets out, both scheduled and in real-time.

What do you do to keep your engagement high daily? How many tweets do you average daily? How many retweets/favorites?


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