Better Brand Strategy Comes From Social Listening [Webinar Report]

The 2015 Media Trends report indicates shrinking newsrooms leave more stories needing storytellers than there are reporters available. Social media is breaking stories (60 percent on Instagram) with reporters playing catch up to John Q. Public’s first-hand accounts. Search engines and social media are key places to stay abreast of current happenings. As new users join the various social media platforms daily, and the audience grows, social media continues is the desired destination.

I recently attended a webinar, Is Social Listening Part of Your Brand’s DNA? hosted by Social Media Today’s Robin Fray Carey, with panelists: Lauren Harper, Nick Ayres, and Apryl Pilolli. The live tweeting experience was particularly eventful and is found under #SMTLive, we were even “trending” at one point. Check out the recording and slide deck.

Key Takeaways:

1. All brands need a strategy for social media listening. 2. Spark conversations and then watch them happen.
3. Authenticity creates loyalty. 4. Create stories out of fan engagement.
5. Responding to customers on social is expected…meet them where they are. 6. 60% of news stories break on Instagram.

Alongside social listening, social data can also provide insight into a brand, it’s perception and marketplace.  There is a way brands can capitalize on the conversations and what the activity says about the industry and the brand. Accomplished through social data/social analytics and through social listening. Social data is used to help you paint a picture of the marketplace and how your brand is doing within it. Social listening helps you engage directly with the customer and their comments on your brand.

Using Social Data:

  • Engage customers:
    • Learn when fans or haters are talking about you.
    • Use these opportunities to turn haters into advocates for your brand and tell their stories..
  • Social selling:
    • Learn the key issues facing your client and is industry.
    • Provides context  surrounding the client’s marketplace.
    • Evaluate the market perception, to spot opportunities for service improvement and customer engagement.

Social analytics and social listening can work together to give a clear picture of what the brand and industry is facing. Learn more about analytics tools.

What do you think?

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