#BeMobileWorkSocial Offers Lessons in Working Smarter

I attended a technology event this week, #BeMobileWorkSocial, co-sponsored by Covinia and IBM. it was a “fireside chat” facilitated by storytellers: Scott Abbott and Louis Richardson. The talk centered on how the way we use technology at work may be improved by leveraging the “right” technology. Using the “right” technology would allow us to keep on top of our inbox and save time, so that we can get down to the work we’re paid to do and get home to enjoy the money we make.  Here is a Storified compilation of the tweets from the night.

A few takeaways on how to work smarter:

1. “You don’t need to be as smart as you think you need to be, just as smart as your network is.” (Scott Abbott) The advantage of being able to connect with people across the globe is that we can call on their knowledge in an instant. Don’t feel like you need to have all the answers. You just need to know who to call for the right answer to your specific problem.

2. The largest time thieves at work are: meetings, managers, and mail.  (Louis Richardson) Use time wisely, spend no more time than necessary in meetings, do the prep work upfront, start your meetings on time and keep them on topic. Table issues that are not relevant to answering the problems up for discussion and solve them offline, so that everyone can get back to their tasks. Let managers spend their time leading and developing their staff. IBM offers a tool, Verse,  to bring intelligence, analytics, and automation to your inbox.  These characteristics combined with the community driven interaction lead to a more efficient, natural way of working.

3. Fostered digital communities encourage employee-company engagement. (Louis Richardson) Sounds like a start to an employee advocacy solution to me. This all sounds like a way to get employees excited about coming to work and getting things done. Sounds better than coming to work and wasting time in meetings, not accomplishing anything, leaving with even more action items and deliverables.

The #BeMobileWorkSocial event provided a lot of food for thought. If it’s coming to a city near you, I urge you to attend. It will offer insight into how companies are answering the question: How do we reach the new generation? Integrate mobile and social into the daily routine.

2 thoughts on “#BeMobileWorkSocial Offers Lessons in Working Smarter

    • Nievalyn Keel says:

      That is true. It can be hard to call on people when you have not formed a bond first. However, I think, professionally, there are so many people trying to establish themselves as the go-to persons in a subject, there is room there to capitalize on the ego’s need for attention and validation. If you frame the question the right way to the right persons, ego alone will compel them to answer correctly.

      Perhaps casting a wider net is the answer?…


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