About Me

Hi, I am Nievalyn Keel, a digital marketing enthusiast.

I entered the workforce in a pre-social media world. A few years later, and as a private person, I was out of my element in this new-found “share-everything” society. Though tasked with managing the day-to-day upkeep of my firm’s social channels, I did not see how businesses could use social media to market their products and services.

Then, I decided to take the time to create a sandbox marketing mix where I could practice, learn and perfect my digital marketing abilities.

The techymarketer brand (blog, Twitter, and Instagram) was born out of that. In the last several years, I have learned a lot about digital marketing by creating accounts and testing out different ways of creating and sharing content. I have formulas for increasing engagement on the most popular channels and am always checking out new channels for brand building potential.

Subscribe to my blog to learn how you too can use these tools like an expert.

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